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Georgios Papadopoulos combines economics and philosophical analysis with an exploratory artistic practice. His research gravitates around money and its socioeconomic functions. He holds a Master in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics and is pursuing a PhD at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He was a researcher at the theory department of the Jan Van Eyck Academy, in Maastricht in 2008 and 2009. He is currently a member the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique and is affiliated to the International Network for Economic Methodology. In 2012 he was won the Vilém Flusser Award for Artistic Research. He has published articles and books in English, Greek and Spanish. His second book, Grexit, was published last Summer in collaboration with the transmediale festival and the Universität der Künste, Berlin.


“Grexit; Notes Towards a Speculative Archeology of the European Crisis”, forthcoming in Scapegoat.


“Financial Crisis as A Crisis of Representation and the limits of Neoliberal Ideology”,forthcoming in an edited volume Disrupting Business of the series Data Browser  ed. Geoff Cox et all.


“Money and Value; A Synthesis of the State Theory of Money and Original Institutional Economics” forthcoming at the Journal of Philosophical Economics, Vol VI, 2.


Jean Baudrillard and the Lacanian Left”. International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Special Issue: Baudrillard and Politics, Vol. 9, 3 (October 2012).


Grexit, 2012. An edited volume presenting the research output of the research project Drachma; Speculations on Symbolic Value. Concluding the research residency at the transmediale festilval and the Vilém Flusser Archive.


"Notes Towards A Critique of Money", with an afterword by Yannis Stavrakakis, Maastricht: Jan Van Eyck Academy, 2011. ISBN: 978-90-72076-64-9.


Eternal Tour Festival: “The History Of The Sheqel”, Publication for the Festival's Jerusalem Edition in December 2010 by Labor et Fides Editions (Geneva) and Black Jack Editions (Paris).


“Bodies that resist; imag(in)ery identification and affirmative biopolitics”, in the Swedish Dance History 2010 edition.


“Θύματα της Επιτυχίας τους... : Ο Ρόλος του λάθους της αποτυχίας στην εξέλιξη των επιστημών.” Κοντέινερ από την Εφημερίδα Ελευθεροτυπία 03.05.2010. “Victims Of Their Success: The Contribution of Failure and Mistake in the Growth of Scientific Knowledge”. Eleftherotipia 03.05.2010.


“Between Rules And Power: Money As An Institution Sanctioned By Political Authority”, Journal of Economic Issues, 42 (4) (December 2009), pp. 951 – 969.


“Everyday Love”, text for the catalogue of the solo exhibition Homemade Storie by Anna Lekka in the gallery Astrolabos, Athens 23.09.09 – 24.10.09.


“Psychoanalysing Money (I): Consistency and Desire”, Project description, concept, activities.  Various entries for the 20008 issue of Jan Van Eyck Yearbook, Jan Van Eyck Publications, 2009.


“La crisis financiera: de la depresión al goce” (translation by Carlos Gómez Camarena), Erinias 11 (Autom 2009), pp. 178 – 187.


“Financial Crisis: from Depression to Jouissance”, in Heaven Catalogue of the 2nd Athens Biennial ‘Heaven’, Athens 13.06.09 – 4.10.09 (english/ greek).       


“Electronic money and the possibility of a cashless society”, published electronically in the Social Sciences Research Network


“Culture Against Art” text for the Exhibition Pictura, Dordrecht, 22.03.08 – 14.05.08.

  “Money as an Institution”, published electronically in the Social Sciences Research Network  

“The evolution of the institution of money; the different trajectories and the role of technology”. Published in the proceedings of the conference annual EAEPE 2006 (CD – Rom).


“Trust in the Monetary System”. Published in the proceedings of the Annual EAEPE conference 2005 (CD – Rom).




"Perfoemance Lecture: Όταν ο καλλιτέχνης ανεβαίνει στην έδρα" (when the artist takes the podium" presentation at the Museum of Cycladic Art (in Greek), Athens 18.4.13.

Keynote lecture in “Current Values” a lecture series organized by Tent Cultural Center, Rotterdam, 27.3.13.

“Currency as image, money as sign”. TEDx talk at the Buda Cultural Center on the occasion of the conference “What is the matter with money”. Kortrijk 23.2.13.

“Drachma; the specter of the European crisis” lecture on the occasion of the colloquium
Greece / Precarious / Europe; Crisis and Culture at the Hellenic Center in London 16.2.13.

"Cafe Liberte": Selbsterfahrung-Grenzerfahrung Publikums Gespräch mit Luca Di Blasi (Germanist, Philosoph, akademischer Assistent des Direktors der ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin). Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (in German), 27.1.12.

“Grexit; Excavating the Future of Europe” a series of performative lectures on the publication of the book Grexitin collaboration with Carsten Lisecki. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 24.8.12; Vondelbunker, Amsterdam 22.10.12; ARM, Maastricht 24.10.12; Εμπρός Theater, Athens 15.11.12

“Athen brennt; Die Organisierung von Widerstand in Zeiten von Oekonomischer Krisen” A Performative lecture in collaboration with Carsten Lisecki at the 3rd World Congress of the Hedonist International (in German),  Wittstock/ Dose, 2.6.12.

“It’s the Crisis, Stupid!” Panel presentation at the Dutch Electronics Ats Festival 2012, organized by LaAgencia and Darc. Rotterdam 17.5.12.

“In-between production and consumption; strategies of liberations in the netWork economy”, presentation during the reSource for transmedial culture 1st trial track event. Berlin, 12.5.12.

“Drachma Project: Speculations on Symbolic Value”. Presentation at the Oberseminar fur Gestaltung at the Universitat der Kunste. Berlin, 4.5.12.

“The symbolic function of the Euro in the process towards European integration” presentation on the annual conference of History of European Integration Research Society Communicating European Integration at the Humboldt University.  Berlin 31.03.12

“Recalcitrance as a political act” presentation at the Royal Institute of Art, as part of the cluster week Performing Recalcitrance. Stockholm 28.3.12.

“Making Money” performative lecture at the transmediale.12 festival Incompatibility as part of the Vilém Flusser Residency program. Berlin 5.2.12.

“Money Deterritorialized” participation in the panel on systems of the transmediale.12 symposium, in/compatible. Berlin 4.2.12.

“Economics as a Conversation, Market as a Cultural System” presentation at the research seminar of the Department of Communication at the Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka 14.12.11.

“Money and the Desire Economy; a Hedonist Perspective” lecture at the 2nd International Conference of the Hedonist International, Riebau, 11.06.11.

“Drachma; Speculation on Symbolic  Value” (in Greek), lecture at the Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece.  Athens,  5.04.11.

Notes Towards A Critique of Money, presentation of the book (in progress) at the opening week of the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht, 15.01.11.

“Drachma; Speculation on Symbolic Value”, lecture at the Acropolis Museum, as part of the Marathon Marathon Project, curated by Hans Urlich Orbist and Nadja Antonopoulou. Athens 31.10.10.  

“Money and Collective Intentionality”, paper presentation at the 7th Bi-Annual Conference on Collective Intentionality organized by the University of Basel. Basel, 26.08.10 – 28.08.10   

“Street Politics as Democratic Politics”, a series of lectures in the workshop Dance and Choreography Are Fine, ledby Mårten Spångberg, during the Impulstanz festival in Vienna, 26.07.10 – 29.10.10.

“Money in the New Technological Paradigm”, paper presentation at the Annual Conference of the European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy. Amsterdam 6.11.09 – 8.11.09.

“Consistency and Desire: Money as the Master Signifier of the Market Economy” presentation at the APCS 2009 Annual Conference, . New Brunswick, 9.10.09 – 10.10.09.

Psychoanalyzing Money”, Project Presentation.  The Tourist Syndrom: Artists' Forum part of the Transient Spaces Project, Palanga, 3.08.09 – 11.08.09.

“Financial Crisis: From Depression to Jouissance”. Lecture at the Performance Arts Forum, St. Ermes, 27.08.09.

“Combining Economic Ontology with psychoanalysis; the case for an affective and a linguistic naturalization of collective intentionality”, Presentation at the VII INEM Conference,  Xalapa, 02.07.09 – 04.07.09.

“Financial Crisis: From Depression to Jouissance”. Lecture at the Red Analitica Lacaniana, Colegio des Altos Estudios. Mexico City, 30.06.09.  

Kunst-Tour Maastricht: “Community, Place, Art; The micropolitics of Culture in Maastricht” ; Performative Lecture and discussion on the Occasion of the Kunst-tour at the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht, 24.05.09.

“Baudrillard; the Forgotten Member of the Lacanian Left?” Presentation in the Workshop Reading Baudrillard, Jan Van Eyck Academy.  Maastricht, 10.03.09.

“Financial Crisis: From the Discursive to the Affective”.  Presentation in the Colloquium of the Institue for Cultural Inquiry. Berlin, 3.02.09.

“Enjoying 'Creative Destruction'; people, markets and money in crisis”. Presentation for the opening week 2009 of the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht, 16.01.09.

“Psychoanalyzing Money; the constitution of the subject in the market” Presentation for the symposium (organized by Georgios Papadopoulos) On Economics and Psychoanalysis at the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht,  08.10.08.

“Money, Consistency and Desire”, Presentation for the Conference Power: Form and Dynamics.   Tampere, 22.09.08 – 24.09.08.

“Money and Collective Intentionality”, Presentation for the Annual Conference of the International Network for Economic Methodology. Madrid, 12.09.08 – 13.09.08.

“Money, Consistency and Desire”, Presentation for the Conference Ideology and Discourse Analysis. Roskilde, 08.09.08 – 10.09.08.

“Money, Consistency and Desire”, Presentation for the Conference Lacan at Work,  , Copenhagen, 04.09.08 – 06.09.08. nyheder/ call_for_papers_lacan_at_work

“Filigrammes: Commentaires de L'Argent”, Presentation at Le Plateau the Occasion  of the Exhibition, L' Argent, Paris 28.06.08.

“Other than Commodity”, Presentation at the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht, 07.05.08.

“On Money and Psychoanalysis”. Presentation for the Opening Week 2008 of the Jan Van Eyck Academy. Maastricht, 12.01.08.

“Trajectories of Money”, Presentation for the Annual Conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy: Developing Economies; Multiple Trajectories, Multiple Developments.  Istanbul, 02.11.06 – 4.11.06.

“Trust in the Monetary System”, Presentation for the Annual Conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy: A Pluralistic Forum. Bremen, 10.11.05 – 12.11.05.

“The Omnipresence of Money, the Omnipresence of Globalization”, Presentation for the Conference: Globalisation and Representation, Brighton, 12.03.05 – 13 .03.05.

“Conceptualizing Money; its meaning, its institutional character and its place in a ‘Walrasian equilibrium’”, Presentation for the Annual Conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy: Economics, History and development,, Rethymno, 28.10.04 – 31.10.04.

“The Element of Choice in the Construction of Economic Models, Values and the Ceteris Paribus Clause”, Presentation for the Annual Conference of the International Network for Economic Method.  Amsterdam,19.08.04 -21.08.04.




“Currency and National Self-representation; the Case of the Drachma”. Lecture at the Department of Modern Greek Studies, Freie Universität Berlin. 30.11.12

The Imagery Constitution of the Economy Workshop for the Universität der Künste as part of the Residency at the Vilém Flusser Archive. In collaboration with Annita Jori. Berlin, 29.5.12, 30.5.12, 26.6.12 & 27.6.12.

Higher Performance, workshop on economics for the students of the Advance Performance and Scenography Studies in Brussels in collaboration with Nicolas Galleazzi, Marieke Huysentruyt & Elizabeth Ward. Brussels 7.05.12 to 10.5.12.

Local Exchange Trading System; a Practical Introduction. Open workshop on community based alternative to money. Held at the 3rd Athens Biennial Monodrome, as part of the Public School in Athens parallel program, Word of Mouth

The Drachma Project at the Athens School of Fine Art, workshop on economics and monetary theory with the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts in collaboration with Nikos Arvanitis and Benoit Dudadin 25.5.11 to 27.5.11   



"Where Communism Has Gone? - A Learning Play" Participation at a theater performance organized by Chto Delat? as part of the Former West: Documents, Constellations, Prospects in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 21.3.13.

“Holidays in Greece? All-right!!!” Performance during the showcase Holidays in Greece @ StudioVisits, in collaboration with EleNinja and Carsten Lisecki. Berlin, 11.5.12.

“Napoleon Lapathiotis and the Lettrist International” Performance in collaboration with EleNinja  during the exhibition Words Words Words in Betton7. Athens, 17.1.11.

“What to do with self-destructive desire”, choreography by Elizabeth Ward. Performance at the Judson Church, curated by Movement Research,, New York, 21.06.10.

 “A wariors' cry howlers across the sky”, choreography by Maarten Spanberg. Performance at the Atalante, Goteborg 13 & 14.02.10.

“Money, Need, Desire, Utopia”, performative Lecture with Elizabeth Ward at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, 07.10.09.

“Money, Need, Desire, Utopia”, performative Lecture with Elizabeth Ward at the Athens Biennial, Athens, 25.09.09.



  Erasmus University Rotterdam, Ph.D. in the Erasmus Institute of Philosophy and Economics with a scholarship by the University: “Dreams of A Moneyless Economy; Reflecting on the Ontology of Money in the Eve of the ICT Revolution”. Rotterdam,01.09.03 (ongoing).

Vilém Flusser Residency at Vilém Flusser Archive, Universität der Künste in collaboration with transmediale. Berlin 2.04.12 – 29.06.12

Jan Van Eyck Academy, Researcher Theory with the project: Psychoanalysing Money; The (dis)placement of desire in the capitalist symbolic order”. Maastricht, 01.01.08 – 31.12.09.

Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Inagural Project: “Spannung /Tension”. Berlin, 01.10.07 – 17.12.07.

Erasmus University Rotterdam. MPhil in Economics and Philosophy. Erasmus Institute of Philosophy and Economics,  Rotterdam, 01.09.02 – 01.07.03.  

Athens University of Economics and Business, Junior Research Assistant affiliated to professor dr. Panos Tsakaloyiannis. Research area: EU Monetary Integration. Athens, 01.10.99 – 31.12.09.


London School of Economics. MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method, Dissertation (awarded with distinction): “The element of choice in the construction of economic models, values and the ceteris paribus clause” 01.10.98 – 15.09.99.

Athens University of Economics and Bussines,  Department of International and European Economic Relations. B.Sc. in Economics. Dissertation: "The Economic and Political Position of Iran after the Gulf War" 01.10.93 – 31.06.98.


Association for Psychoanalysis Culture & Society.
Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique.
European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.
Economic Chamber of Greece.
International Network for Economic Methodology.


email:, address: Goerlitzerstr 40, 10999, Berlin,  tel: +4915211217330